• A.GO atelier

    A.GO brand is the manifestation of designer's life-long love affair with scents and all that is beautiful and luxurious. Travels and unforgettable memories inspired to create something fragrant and stylish that could both decorate homes and gratify souls.

  • Ai Dandy

    Small but perfect accessories that will change your understanding of the luxury

    Ai Dandy’s makes bow ties for men and women that are more than mere tuxedo accessories. Every single item – actuated by hand – is in line with Oscar Wilde’s motto of «One should either be a work of Art, or wear a work of Art.»

  • Apoteca

    Apoteca – treats your body and soul…

    Apoteca – is enjoying touches of the silk, warms in embrace of wool, feels comfortable surrounded by cotton spells. She is tousling feathers, playing with furs, trying to seduce the leather…

  • Asta Masiulytė

    A world full of magical silk scarves beauty

    Asta Masiulytė focus is on hand painted silk scarves and their promotion. She believes that hand painted scarves are wearable art; it is not mass production without a human touch. Hand-work is a direct contact between a designer and a consumer, it's something spiritual.


    When steel meets humanity. It’s minimalist city-like jewellery for urban people, inspired by  concrete, steel and leather.

  • Burbulas

    Brand Burbulas is a land of bright colors, elegant looks and high quality materials. This is the world of family clothing and home decor textile. Our goal is to take care of your clothing and sweet, cozy sleep.

  • Coaty Coat

    Be unique with Coaty Coat!

    COATY COAT goods are produced and nurtured by the hands of real professionals. The service has been invented and realized by creative people, looking for new opportunities. Experience and youthfulness are two composite parts of our project which enable to realize the need of a modern man to enjoy a unique article professionally sewn of high quality fabrics quickly and conveniently.


    We live in the age of copies when everything has already been thought up and invented. And when it seems to you that you have thought of something new, it turns out that somebody else came to it long ago or almost at the same time with you.
    The flow of information is so big that it is hard to distinguish who has inspired you - the nature itself or some other creator. Has your creation come from you, your dreams and thoughts or has it been thrown ashore by your memory, like the sea washes to coast a piece of amber, fished in the flood of information of the internet space?

  • Ernesta Statkute

    Young professional interior designer applied her knowledge into a jewellery. She is creating impressive architectural details filled jewellery.


    IN MOOD is a Baltic women's and children's clothing brand created by two friends Ugne and Gintare.  All of our clothes are designed and handmade with love and care in a small local workshops in the heart of the beautiful European country - capital of Lithuania - Vilnius.

  • L'albero

    Handmade wooden bow tie - charming, unique accessory.


    Modern Mermaids

    Makara is a swimsuit's brand for a surf-chicks and women,who loves the beach and the waves. Made with surfer's love from Lithuania. 


    Courage is your best accessory, dare to wear!

  • Milda Bordeaux

    Luxurious knitted dresses designed for special occasions!



    MOTUMO does more than just provide sustainable solutions. They provide contemporary solace for those seeking balance within their ever-changing urban lifestyles. We strive to meet the utmost stringent standards and practices when it comes to producing elegant fine linen clothing tailored specifically for you.

  • Tagua.Lt

    Tagua.LT- tropical, eco-friendly collection of palm seeds. Wild elegance. Easy touch to wildlife.

  • Vilma Statkuviene

    Leather design - a very broad concept that includes a crafts and arts, business and ideas. "Simplicity is the ultimate sophistication" - said Vilma.


    Pajamas all day!

    VUJVUJ concept is to believe that fashion should inspire, be versatile and unique. Delicate details and fabulous fits, beautiful, enduring fabrics and expert tailoring means that we are all about comfort and value. Delicate details and fabulous fits combine to create a seductive and feminine appeal.

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