We dress you from head to toe and make your most unique and original dreams come true

Everyone strives for perfection, but as you know, nobody is perfect in this world. Thus, we want to help you in your efforts of revealing at least a tiny part of the aspirations which actually exist inside each of us. They are things which are sometimes forgotten, but are nevertheless very important, such as thoughts, wishes, feelings, emotions. Therefore, as do the most famous designers in the world, we will try to highlight your perfections through clothes, sometimes adding very tiny but unique accessories. We are all different, and one single formula to suit everyone simply does not exist. Everyone will have to find his/her own perfect combination. And that's where we at Simple Perfections will come to your aid. It is your appearance people noticefirst, only later getting to know the wonderful you. However the secret of exquisite looks should not be associated with unaffordable and costly garments. According to the old truism; ‘Perfection lies in simplicity’. This is the motto of the Simple Perfections Company adopted since our founding in 2015.

It is said; 'Don't promise what you can't deliver'. For this reason, we would like to promise our clients exclusively top quality, unique clothes and accessories designed by Lithuanian creators from all over the world. 

We would like to dress you from head to toe – offering you a complete set of attire; an elegant hat, smart dress or suit, and the most stylish shoes. We will cater to everyone's needs, from classic, minimalistic to exclusive sometimes even provocative styles. Our mission is to make your most unique and original dreams come true. If you leave our boutique feeling amazing, confident in your appearance and radiating high spirits – our mission will have been accomplished. We helped you to see perfection in the of smallest things.

 Sincerely yours, Simple Perfections